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ELBA Microwave PANASONIC Microwave SAMSUNG Microwave SHARP Microwave
  Model : EMO1707   Model : NNS215MF   Model : MW71E   Model : R218LS
  17L Capacity   22L Capacity   20L Capacity   22L Capacity
  6 Microwave Power Levels   Compact Size
  Triple Distribution System (TDS)
  5 Level Variable Cooking Control
  Defrost Setting   Mechanical   7 power levels   Defrost-by-Weight Guide
  Press Handle Door   Defrost Key   Defrost Key   Mechanical 30-Minute Timer

SHARP Grill Microwave SAMSUNG Microwave SHARP Microwave SHARP Microwave
  Model : R658LS   Model : MW73E   Model : R258L   Model : R360NR
  17L Capacity   20L Capacity   22L Capacity   33L Capacity
  4 Auto Grill Menu Keys
  Triple Distribution System (TDS)
  4 Auto Menus   5 Microwave Power Levels
  Easy Defrost, Slow cook key   7 power levels   Express Defrost Key   Easy Defrost, Slow Cook,
  Child Lock, More/Less Setting
  Rapid Defrost
  Alarm Function   Alarm Function

PANASONIC Grill Microwave SAMSUNG Grill Microwave PANASONIC Grill Microwave PANASONIC Grill Microwave
  Model : NNC784MF   Model : PG838S   Model : NNCS596A   Model : NNGD577M
  28L Capacity   23L Capacity   27L Capacity   27L Inverter Grill Microwave Oven
  One Touch Sensor Cooking
  Triple Distribution System (TDS)
  300¢XC Convection Baking   One Touch Sensor Cooking
  Stainless Steel Oven Interior
  Super grill system
  Drop Down Door   Double Pop-up Dials
  Word Prompting Display
  Rapid Defrost
  Defrost Key   Defrost Key

SHARP Microwave SAMSUNG Convection Microwave PANASONIC Convection Microwave LG Light Wave Microwave
  Model : R898MS   Model : MW73E   Model : NNC784MF   Model : NNC784MF
  26L Capacity   32L Capacity   42L Capacity   34L Capacity
  16 Auto Cook Menus
  Guiding Light™
  Easy Operation with Twin "ez" Dial   12 Speed Auto Cook Menus
  Crispy Snack Menu Keys
  ceramic enamel surface
  20 Categories Auto Menu   Recessed Turn Table System
  Easy Defrost, Slow Cook, Reheat
  LED DisplayType
  One Touch Sensor Cooking   4 Selections of Defrost
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